Children’s Folk songs
(5 booklets – both English & Chinese songs)
Provides a fun sing-along session for your kid’s childhood!
– 2 booklets Chinese folk songs; 2 booklets English folk songs; 1 booklet Chinese Nursery Rhymes)
– Works with our I-PEN!! (Tap and it will sing with you!)

The self-reading pen plays song that the child can sing along to – with lyrics or even the karaoke format. The pen can let the child tap on the piano tiles and recreate the song according to the “number notes” provided.
Also reads lyric phrases to help in learning of Chinese language. [2nd photo shows self-reading pen instructions for this book – Do chat with us for more information!]

儿歌童谣注音版(5册可点读)中文+英文儿歌书 0-3-6岁幼儿园宝宝启蒙认知学童谣歌曲 亲子读物婴幼儿童早教书籍
Price: $9.90
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